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Walnut Firewood 4

Walnut Firewood 4

$ 135.95

The Firewood 4 is one of the fastest on demand convection vaporizers available today.  It is powered by a single user-swappable high drain Lithium Ion 18650 cell which provides approximately 5 uses per charge.  A glass and stainless steel vapor path allow you to experience the full taste of your botanicals, while the precision machined wooden housing provides a warm rich feel.

Black Walnut has a natural color that can range from medium to very dark brown and can potentially show a large range of colors within one piece.


  • Super Fast Heat Up Times - Coil Heats Up in about 5 seconds from cold, Vapor in 20 Seconds
  • Proprietary Draw Sense Technology - automatically turns the heat on when you are drawing, off when not
  • 4 Temperature Settings Suited for Dry Botanicals
  • Vibration Feedback, No Distracting Lights
  • Discreet Pocketable Form Factor
  • Easy to Load and Clean Capsule System
  • User swappable batteries (requires external charger, sold separately)
  • Vaporizers are covered by a 1 year limited warranty as detailed in the manual

Finishes:  The most basic version is sanded and unfinished.  The Tung Oil version is fine sanded then given a coat of 100% natural Tung oil to give it a slightly darker, richer appearance.  The Ebonized/Wax buff version is treated with an iron oxide solution which reacts with the tannins in the Walnut to give a striking black appearance which is then buffed smooth with Carnauba wax.  Please allow an extra day or two for processing when ordering a Tung oil or Ebonized finish.

Includes: 1 Firewood 4 vaporizer, 1 mouthpiece, 1 capsule, and 1 manual.

Not Included (required for use):



The battery MUST be an 18650 cell rated for at least 20 Amps of continuous discharge current.  The charger MUST be intended for 18650 cells and must include circuit protections to prevent over-charging and over-discharging.

Also Recommended:

Cooling Unit 


For more info please refer to the user manual.

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