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Walnut Firewood 7 Extra Cooling Mouthpiece Upgrade Kit

Walnut Firewood 7 Extra Cooling Mouthpiece Upgrade Kit

$ 16.00

IMPORTANT - DO NOT BUY THIS WITH A NEW VAPORIZER. This mouthpiece is included with new vaporizers and should only be purchased if you have a Firewood 7 without this style mouthpiece.

This kit allow you to upgrade your Firewood 7 to use wider cooling stems for maximum cooling in a pocketable format.  Each kit includes a wooden mouthpiece slider, 4 silicone plug springs, a small glass slider extension tube, 2 small silicone tubing segment, 1 longer silicone tubing segment, and 1 silicone oring. 

Please Note - This kit DOES NOT INCLUDE a ceramic mouthpiece connector (comes with Firewood 7 vaporizer) and cooling tube as shown in the photos.

Cooling tubes should be at least 3" long and no more than 0.5" in diameter and should have an inner diameter of 0.31" at the connecting end.

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